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CART – Communication Access Realtime Translation

By simply including the words someone is saying on-screen, you can dramatically improve how much of the conversation others will take in, understand, and respond to.

live captioning software

Live Caption automatically adds captions for any audio playing on your computer, which can be incredibly useful in many situations. We’ll show you how to use it on any Windows 10, or newer.

At this writing, the Live Caption feature supports any languages, and it works with videos, podcasts, phone and video calls, and more. (It doesn’t work with music.)

The first thing is download & install software. Click below button.

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Free use 40 minutes
The number of minutes used will be charged twice as much as normal. Because live will cost more.

Version: 1.00, 2021.02.08 Free Windows 10 Server 2016

24/7 support to help you. The world's #1 software live captioning.

Step by step:

  • 1. Connecting to the internet
  • 2. Download & install application.
  • 3. Sign up account, then buy more minutes
  • 4. Open program & run
  • Please let me know if anything is missing or incorrect
Demo: Click here